2023 CHILD-BRIGHT Conference


Please familiarize yourself with the fee categories listed below. You will need to select a category when registering for the conference.

The Early Bird rate is available until May 3.
In-person registration closes on June 2 at 11:59 p.m.

In-Person 2 Days In-Person 1 Day Digital
Type Early Bird Standard Early Bird Standard Early Bird Standard
Clinicians & Health Care Providers
Regulated health professionals and those employed by organizations providing direct patient care
$300 $450 $175 $250 $100 $150
Researchers & Research Staff
Investigators on research projects and the staff that support the work of research projects
$300 $450 $175 $250 $100 $150
Policy Makers
Representatives of organizations that make policy
$300 $450 $175 $250 $100 $150
Funding Partners
Representatives of organizations that provide funding to the CHILD-BRIGHT Network
$150 $250 $100 $125 $75 $125
Trainees 1
(Proof of status required) Undergraduates, masters, PhDs, fellows (clinical & research), residents and medical students
$150 $250 $100 $125 $75 $125
Patient-Partners, Youth, Family Members, and Caregivers 2
Persons with lived experience with brain-based developmental disabilities that includes patients, youth, their family members, and non-family caregivers
$100 $125 $50 $75 $25 $50
Persons who do not identify with any of the categories above
$300 $450 $175 $250 $100 $150

All amounts are in Canadian Dollars (CAD $) and are subject to 13% HST.


  1. At this time, we request that you upload “Proof of Status” confirming your current standing at your institution. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student, please submit a letter from your institution verifying your enrolment. If you are a resident or fellow, please provide a residency or fellowship letter from your department head or university confirming your current status. If you are not a medical resident or fellow or are not able to provide the necessary documentation, please register under the “Clinicians & Health Care Providers” category. Your student identification does not constitute proof of status.

  2. A CHILD-BRIGHT patient-partner is defined as a person with lived experience with brain-based developmental disabilities, including patients, youth and their family members, who have been actively involved in at least one CHILD-BRIGHT project, program or initiative.

    CHILD-BRIGHT is pleased to offer a limited number of bursaries to CHILD-BRIGHT patient-partners who wish to attend the conference and for whom registration costs are a barrier to participation.

    Patient-partners who would benefit from a bursary are invited to reach out to admin@child-bright.ca to signal their interest.


Requests for cancellation must be made in writing to facmed.registration@utoronto.ca .

Registrations are not transferable.

The University of Toronto reserves the right to cancel events. Registrants will be notified at the earliest possible date in the event of a cancellation. Registration fees for events cancelled by the University will be refunded; however, the University will not be liable for any loss, damages or other expenses that such cancellations may cause.

Registration Form Here