2023 CHILD-BRIGHT Conference

Making Strides, Moving Forward

June 8 - 9, 2023, Toronto


The 2023 CHILD-BRIGHT Conference will take place on June 8 and 9, 2023 in Toronto, Canada in an accessible and hybrid (in-person as well as virtual) format. Under the theme “Making Strides, Moving Forward,” we will both look back and celebrate CHILD-BRIGHT’s Phase 1 successes, and reflect on how to build on these achievements for greater health impact for children and youth with brain-based disabilities and their families, as we grow from network to movement.


The 2023 CHILD-BRIGHT Conference will convene a diverse group including youth with disabilities, patient-oriented researchers, parents, health care providers, policy makers, educators, funding partners, and network staff as we explore the theme of “Making Strides, Moving Forward.”

Join us, in-person or virtually, to hear from CHILD-BRIGHT’s Phase 1 research projects on their strides made from 2016 to 2023, and to brainstorm with a range of invited speakers and panelists on ways to build on our achievements as we grow from network to movement and move our patient-oriented research into action for greater impact in our next phase of work.

Target Audience

  • CHILD-BRIGHT members (researchers, staff, committee members, patient-partners, youth, and trainees)
  • Individuals with brain-based developmental disabilities and family members
  • Policy makers
  • Funding partners
  • Child health community members
  • Health care service decision makers
  • Health professionals and researchers interested in children with developmental disabilities
  • Indigenous community members and professionals
  • General public